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Game Playing Pieces

About us

Blue Wing Games

Blue Wing Games is a board game publishing that wishes to share our passion for the hobby with all of you. We want to create fun and exciting games to help bring friends and family together. We have a strong focus at making accessible games with intriguing decision points and fun interactions between players. We are also very serious about making our games environmentally conscious. We are very excited to share our games and ideas with you all, and we hope you will join us along the ride in this wonderful hobby.

The Founders

Dylan Hanley

Dylan has developed a strong passion for the board game industry while working at his FLGS. He loves social euro games, ameritrash, social deduction and more. He favorites include Root, Everdell and Blood Rage.

David Burleyson

David worked at his local FLGS for many years which helped him develop a love for the hobby. He loves Star Wars (especially Chewbacca) and Lord of the Rings among many...many other things.

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